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From industry summits to strategic round tables or private meetings, we help make the connection.
Industry Summits


Our Industry Summits are designed to shape the way business is done within a particular industry or market.  Global leaders come together to engage in a dialogue with potential partners and or government officials regarding their investments and ongoing interests in the local market. As leaders exchange ideas and discuss new opportunities, business gets done.

A typical industry summit will include approximately 250 C level executives with a balanced participation from both the private and public sectors.

Business Seminars


Our Business Seminars are typically half day gatherings involving 50-100 executives from a particular industry who are interesting in learning more about a particular industry.The seminars are more academic in nature and are driven by one or two key sponsors who promote the initiative. 


Participation ranges from free to a nominal fee.  The business model is discussed and agreed with the sponsor prior to launch based on their specific goals and interests at the time of the event.

Round Tables


Our business round tables are privately held meetings organized by Industry Exchange in partnership with a client who has a very specific interest in starting a dialogue with a small group of individuals or companies regarding a particular topic.  Examples include an invited expert speaker to discuss regulatory issues in a specific industry or an economist to present economic trends relative to a particualr country,then followed by a discussion on the matter.   


These round tables are typically under 20 people and are considered invite only.:

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